Live Webcast

Three ways to access Live Events:

  1. Live Webcast Stream 1 or
  2. Live Webcast Stream 2 or
  3. Live Audio Only Internet Radio

Do Not Play stream 1 AND Stream 2 at the same time.


1) Live Webcast Stream 1

  • Stream 1 is more 'Real Time' (Closer to "Live") than Stream 2
  • If this does not work on your device then try Stream 2

2) Live Webcast Stream 2

  • This may be more compatible on some devices.
  • On this Stream you can Pause and Rewind.
  • This Webcast is recorded and will subsequently be placed in the "Webcast Archive" section
  • Latest Webcast will also be available for viewing below until moved to Webcast Archive section.


3) Live Audio Only Internet Radio

  • Suitable if you have very slow internet connection
  • May be suitable if your device does not support either of the streams above
  • Access from Main Menu. Select "Radio Jai Ho"   OR Click button Below.