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Understanding Knowledge

Understanding Knowledge


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Language: English

Satsang by:     Shri Vibhu Ji Maharaj

Topic:              Searching for God

Duration:         1 Minute 43 Seconds

Event Date:     18th August 2013

Location:         London, UK



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“The sound of distress all over the world can be quitened by the awakening of spiritual consciousness and the Holy Name; science cannot do this. The Holy Name alone has the potential to change the attitude and feelings of mankind, but the Knowledge of the Holy Name cannot be found without satsang.

We can realise God only in this human body. It is like a boat for crossing the worldly ocean. By taking shelter in the living Spiritual Master, one can easily enter the heavenly abode of the Almighty where there is no light of sun, moon or fire, which is self effulgent. After reaching here one is redeemed of sorrows, distress and ignorance forever and acquires eternal peace and pleasure. The spirit does not return from here.”

    Jagat Janani Shri Mata Ji

(Source: Manav Dharam Magazine October 2016)